Patronage Refund Program

One of the biggest advantages of doing business with Progressive Farm Credit is that we are a member-owned cooperative. So when we're making money, so are you. Each year, our members are rewarded with patronage refund profits they've earned by being a member-owner of Progressive Farm Credit.

Since 1994, the Board of Directors has approved paying back a portion of our profits back to our borrowers based on the proportion of the net interest earned on their loans to the total net interest earned by Progressive Farm Credit. If you're currently managing all or some of your loans with other financial providers, there's no time like the present to consolidate all of your loans under one roof with Progressive Farm Credit and get cash back for your loan. Put your money to work for you, earning cash back with Progressive Farm Credit.

We are 100% committed to giving farmers the funding, advice and resources they need to improve yields on their farm in Southeast Missouri. And we're giving more back each year with our patronage refunds.

For 2016, we paid $5.5 million! And, since 1994, Progressive Farm Credit Services has paid back more than $65 million to our customer-owners right here in Southeast Cash! 

2016 Patronage

The average effective interest rate reduction in 2016 was 0.98%

2016 Patronage

If you are currently borrowing from a local bank, ask yourself; "How much of my lender's profits have they paid back to me?" If you don't like the answer, experience the advantages of doing business with a member owned lender run by farmers, for farmers. Bring your financial needs to Progressive Farm Credit Services.

Have questions about our Patronage Refunds? Get the answers you need on the Patronage Questions page.