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Harper Celebrates 40 Years, Hill Celebrates 25 Years with Progressive Farm Credit

Progressive Farm Credit Services President & CEO Bob Smith is very pleased to congratulate Anna Harper on reaching 40 years of service and Andrew Hill on reaching 25 years of service with Progressive Farm Credit Services.

Harper began her career helping in the accounting department at the Sikeston PCA Central Office later becoming administrative assistant to PCA president Bob Wright then FCS of Southeast Missouri/Progressive FCS president Ron Milbach. Currently, Anna serves as executive secretary to President & CEO Bob Smith.

Hill also began his Farm Credit career in the accounting department. Over time he developed a greater and greater interest in the technology side of the business and is now a member of the Senior Leadership Team serving as the Vice President of Information Systems & Technology.

Smith stated, “Progressive Farm Credit Services is very fortunate to have individuals with the amount of dedication and expertise that Anna and Andy possess. Both are valued members of the PFCS team and we look forward to celebrating many more years with them. Anna and Andy are two of the reasons that PFCS can be considered the premier agricultural lender in Southeast Missouri.”