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Farm Credit 100: Maximize the Milestone

July 17, 2015 marks the beginning of Farm Credit’s 100th year. This is an achievement reached by few, and it comes at a time when Farm Credit’s role in agriculture and rural America is as important as ever.

Farm Credit nationally and Progressive Farm Credit Services locally have stood the test of time and fortified our reputation as a stable and reliable financial institution. Because of our cooperative ownership and governance structure, our unwavering commitment to rural communities and agriculture, and the dedication and support of our borrower-owners, our legacy continues today.

We’re going to be celebrating our centennial over the next year by sharing the Farm Credit story with important stakeholders in our area, and reflecting on how we’ve been a long-time business partner to farmers, ranchers, homeowners and agribusinesses.

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Fresh Perspectives

Fresh Perspectives is the signature program and overall theme of Farm Credit 100, which nationally will take the shape of a search for 100 men and women who are changing the face and future of rural communities and agriculture. Consider nominating yourself or someone you know for this prestigious honor – ten distinguished honorees will be rewarded with $10,000 in cash and a trip to Washington, D.C.


Commemorating a historic milestone such as our centennial naturally includes a look back. National historical material has been collected, organized and categorized and is now available at FarmCredit100.com – check out the History Archive and the interactive timeline to learn more about Farm Credit’s history.

Farm Credit First Person

Farm Credit First Person documents and preserves on video stakeholders’ firsthand accounts of their experiences with Farm Credit. A series of themed Farm Credit First Person videos are available for viewing on Farm Credit’s YouTube channel – take a look and see how Farm Credit has helped and influenced other farmers and ranchers like you.

Media Outreach

Over the next year, you may see Farm Credit pop up in advertisements in your favorite ag magazines, or in media stories in more mainstream publications. We hope that seeing these makes you proud to be a Farm Credit borrower-owner, and an important part of what Farm Credit provides to rural communities and agriculture across the nation.